When & where do you worship?

We meet each Sunday, 11 am & 5 pm, at the Davis Bay Hall (5123 Davis Bay Rd.).

Style: Contemporary or Traditional?

A lot of people want to know if we’re traditional or contemporary in musical style. In other words, were our songs written centuries ago or within the last couple of years? And what instruments do we use? I’m happy to say that our songs span the centuries and the continents. Some of our songs were written just a few years ago, some a few centuries ago, and some even a few millennia ago! Some were written in N. America and some in the Middle East. God’s people have been worshiping Him for thousands of years all over the earth and we are blessed to plunder all their lyrical riches! As for instruments, our singing is usually accompanied by a piano or acoustic guitar, but we have used other instruments, too.

What about the structure of our worship services?

In our worship services, God calls us to worship Him, forgives us, speaks to us, feeds us, and blesses us; we meet with God, sing His praises, hear from His Word, bring our prayers to Him, and participate in communion. God acts and we respond. As in all genuine relationships, there’s a ‘back and forth’ to it.

There is an historical sequence and Gospel-structure to that ‘back and forth.’ We were created to glorify God (call to worship and song of praise). But all of us have sinned and fall short of that glory (confession); and God in the riches of His mercy forgives us our sins through Jesus Christ (assurance of forgiveness). As forgiven and redeemed sinners, we need God to change our hearts and direct us how to live lives pleasing to Him (Scripture readings and sermon). Forgiven but still fallen, we need God’s help in so many ways and so we seek that help from Him (congregational prayer). That communion with God that we lost because of our sin is restored and we share a meal with our God (Lord’s Supper). In gratitude for our salvation, we give to God our gifts as a token of our whole selves (offering) and finally we are sent as a church back into the world with God’s blessing (blessing & sending).

Typical Order of Service

Call to Worship
Opening Prayer
Song of Praise
Confession of Sin
Prayer of Confession
Assurance of Forgiveness
Song of Response
Scripture Readings
Song of Response
Congregational Prayer
Lord’s Supper
Song of Response
Blessing & Sending