Give God the Best of Your Days, Your Youth

From Jonathan Edwards’ sermon, “The Duty of Hearkening to God’s Voice”:

The most assured Christians are commonly those that turned to God in their youth; they find, as it were, a heaven upon earth. They have the pleasure of thinking that they, for their parts, have given God the best of their days, their youth, their strength, the bloom of their life, and have for God’s sake resisted the temptations of youth, and those violent lusts and temptations which are most powerful then, of any time. This is an acceptable sacrifice to God, and he graciously rewards it with abundance of joy and comfort, and much assurance–which late converts seldom attain to, but rather travail all their lives’ time with bitter reflections on their having given the best of their days to the devil. (Yale Works, vol. 10, p. 447)